I help people transform their mind and body using my 6 step change formula, ‘Stepping into You’.

who is jessica vassallo

Are You feeling Ruffled?

Are you like a swan? Appearing calm on the surface, whilst flapping furiously beneath the surface.

Has stress and anxiety become such as huge part of your life that you can’t even imagine a life without it anymore?

I know this feeling because I have been there too. I also know how navigating change, letting go of anxiety, and past trauma has helped both myself and 100’s of my clients unlock their potential and change their personal and professional lives.

Stepping into You

If you are seeking personal growth, increased confidence, or a transformational breakthrough, please book a Discovery Call with me. It will be a priviledge to work with you and help you silence your inner critic, resolve negative emotions, habits and unlock your true potential.

Jessica Vassallo

Founder & Director

Featured in Women’s health, The Sun here


Coaching –  Retreats – Training


One-to-one NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy in Exeter, Exmouth or Online with Jess. 

3 day Retreat in Devon

Our ‘Stepping into You’ retreat blends the tranquillity of a wellness getaway with the power of transformational change.


Licensed NLP Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist courses in Devon. Early Bird offer available now!

Dr. Richard Bandler, Co-founder of NLP

Get the Life you Want

“Thinking isn’t a passive process unless you do it passively. Thinking should always be an active process where you think in a way that gets you the results you want.”
Jess underwent her Master NLP Practitioner training with Richard in 2018.

Jess smiling in a recording studio with mic and headphones

Stop overthinking, build self-esteem and resilience to stress

Simply listen to this recording for 28 days and build resilience to everyday stress (also helps people improve their sleep).