I can help you step into the best version of You, by silencing your inner critic, releasing limiting beliefs and past trauma that have been holding you back.

It’s time for you to achieve your true potential and live your life.

Hi, I’m Jess

Ten years ago I was overwhelmed, and stressed with low self-esteem and confidence.

I was wearing all the hats, spinning all the plates. I appeared to be the graceful swan on the surface but I was paddling frantically below, trying to hold everything together.

It wasn’t until I discovered unconscious mind coaching using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy that my life started to change.

I knew after my first NLP Practitioner course that I wanted to use these powerful techniques to help others change their lives.

After almost a decade in the field of transformational change work, I still feel like it is the world’s best-kept secret.

We do have the ability to change our mindset, reshape our bodies, and reprogramme unhealthy habits (including, but not limited to, being anxious and overthinking).

If you choose to work with me, you’ll learn powerful tools and strategies that will change your mindset, deal with any unresolved emotions and bring relaxation, confidence and calm into your life.

Let’s work together so you can create and live the life you choose.

Jessica Vassallo

Master NLP Practitioner, Master TimeLine TherapyTM Practitioner, Board Certified Hypnotherapist 

Featured in Women’s Health, The Sun here

Jess smiling in a recording studio with mic and headphones

Stop overthinking, build self-esteem and resilience to stress

Simply listen to this recording for 28 days and build resilience to everyday stress (also helps people improve their sleep).


Jess, you really helped me, you made such a difference to me and my life. You made me realise what is important and gave me the strength to carry on. I can’t thank you enough

– Ellie