About Jessica Vassallo

Jessica is a Mindset and Behaviour Change Coach, using Neuroscience, Integrative Hypnosis and Positive Psychology techniques to help people change their habits, behaviours, and mindset.

Introduced to the world of transformational change while working for a Royal Marines Charity, Jessica witnessed how these coaching methods do change people’s lives.

Seven years on, Jessica has trained to Master NLP Practitioner level with Co-founder of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler and other exceptional trainers in the field of Transformational Change work.

After a short spell in Harley Street, Jessica is now based in Devon where she loves her work, cooking, writing and playing in nature.

Award-winning Hypnotherapy in Exeter, Exmouth and Online; Master NLP Practitioner and Kinetic Shift Practitioner.

Specialising in freedom from anxiety and emotional eating.

Jessica is a member of the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council, the College of Medicine and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

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Jessica offers professional, effective hypnotherapy and life coaching at The Practice Rooms, Castle Street, Exeter & South Beach Spa, Exmouth. In addition, thanks to secure video calling technology, Jessica meets with clients online all over the world.

Watch this interview with Simon Kelly, Turning Points, and find out more about me and my passion for Hypnotherapy and NLP.

What Is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a methodology centered around change; by changing our thoughts we change our mindset which in turn changes our behavioural patterns. Essentially NLP can help us to consciously repattern or upgrade our thinking, and therefore the way we are being, so that we are able to recognise a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities.


NLP supports us in striving towards our best life; a life where you feel in control, rather than stress, anxiety and depression controlling you. These sessions help to shift beliefs, values, emotions and habits so you can power up and show up as your best you more freely, healthily and boldly.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy also supports our mental software by allowing us to delve deeper into those stories and beliefs that we tell ourselves that are outside of our conscious awareness. Once we challenge these narratives that are causing your stress, we can adapt them in ways that will create opportunities for success in all areas of your life – personal and professional. Often we are using up so much ‘mental data’ stressing about the things that we perceive we cannot do, or that we think we will fail at that we lose sight of our incredible present potential.


Hypnosis, and the self hypnosis I will teach you, connects you to your own powerful supply of inner wisdom, clarity and self confidence. The more we practice this the easier it becomes to change your state and finds the resources you need in so many life situations, for instance, when delivering a presentation, when you are about to compete, before an exam, making a choice whether to reach for that vice or when you want to diffuse a family feud and so much more.

What you can expect during a session

During our sessions, we will have a conversation where I use enhanced communication and listening skills. This helps us both understand how you are experiencing the problem. It’s like holding up a mirror so you can understand your thinking, emotions and habits.

We then take this new knowledge about yourself and redirect it so you can create new healthier habits and take back control of yourself and all aspects of your life – love, passion and profession.

You can expect to feel in control, relaxed and will leave feeling empowered.

Many clients find it hard to explain what has changed, they just know it has. Like this man who wanted to stop his ‘addiction’ to energy drinks, he called me to ask “what have you done to me, I haven’t touched an energy drink for weeks.” 

To discover more please book a free 20-minute consultation with me by emailing jess@jessicavassallo.com.

For more details about Jessica’s training, qualifications and professional memberships please visit:

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

General Hypnotherapy Register