Interview with Caryn Treister, Global Healthy Mind Summit, Founder of Never Settle Life Coaching.

Caryn, an advocate of Women’s Wellness and Health for 30 years, invited me to be a guest speaker at Your Healthy Mind Global Summit 2022.

It was an honour to be amongst a panel of  21 EXPERT speakers who unified to help like-minded individuals grow their awareness, strength, power, and skillsets around “a healthy mind ” to gain a life they love and realise their deepest desires.

I certainly learned a lot from the other speakers.

In this extract from the interview, Caryn and I talk about Positive Affirmations and how they didn’t work for me until I truly embodied the words as my own, and how Tony Robbins was a huge influence in this change.

I also demonstrate a technique based on Bi-Lateral Stimulation that really helps with nerves when going for an interview, exams, or public speaking.

This technique was first taught to me by Melissa Tiers, Author, Teacher, and Founder of The Centre for Integrative Hypnosis, New York.

What does bilateral stimulation do?

Bilateral stimulation is a core treatment element of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

It can be said that it produces four main effects;

1. A relaxation effect that reduces physiological arousal (that feeling you might call worry or anxiety)
2. A pattern interrupt (moving your mind and thoughts away from what has been bothering you)
3. Dissociation (creating a distance between you and the problem so that it seems smaller and further away).
4. Decreased worry.

Give it a go and let me know how it goes.


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