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Hush your inner critic, build confidence so you can unleash your true potential and live your best life.

When you are being Unstoppable You:

  • You glow with self-assuredness and positivity
  • You inspire and lift others around you
  • You are comfortable taking risks and trying new things
  • There is no failure, only an opportunity to grow
  • You are able to let go of overthinking and ruminating
  • Stress and worry bounce off you, and you respond by taking appropriate action
  • You are empowered to pursue your dreams
  • You strive towards your goals with grace and confidence.

Can you imagine waking up in the morning feeling calm, confident, and relaxed?

So, if you’re ready to become Unstoppable You, start your transformational journey with me here and now!

Work with Jess

One to One

A course of 6 sessions or 3-day VIP intensive


Flexible appointments

Private Cash Plan Options

Meetin in-person or online

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Online Group Sessions

Small supportive groups

Meeting online – Wednesdays 1900 GMT

6, 60-minute sessions

Toolkit and Private Members Group


£199 per person

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3-day Spa Retreat

A transformational change holiday

3-day spa retreat

Restores body and mind

Pre and Post Course support

Weekly live online coaching calls

Luxury Spa Hotel in Devon 

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“I went to Jess following a separation from my husband as I had developed a fear of flying. I had also been trying to achieve work/life balance with my high-paced career, and was failing miserably!

I had never been to a life coach before and Jess put me at ease straight away. We had 6 sessions in total, we focused on my fear of flying first, and I have been able to go on three holidays which involved 6 flights since!! The course combined various techniques, and I am so grateful that I went to Jess; not only can I travel more comfortably but even my family are noticing how I manage stress better. I have more awareness of my own power and have re-awakened my self-belief. I have clarity about my goals and living a successful and fulfilling life. I would highly recommend to anyone to go and see Jess as it has been a game-changer for me!

– Stacey


“The transformation was almost instant. I went in wanting to make positive changes and since then I have made so many!

 Jess has helped so many people and that is truly a gift.”

– Lisa