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Unstoppable you: Unleash your True Potential and finally Live the life you Deserve.

Are you a busy Professional, CEO, Executive, or Entrepreneur, feeling overwhelmed and stressed? If so, you’re not alone.

Hi, I’m Jess, and I understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. Ten years ago, I was a high-achiever trying to be all and do it all, but I felt like I was failing at everything. On the surface, I appeared calm and graceful like a swan, while paddling furiously beneath the surface, trying to hold everything together.

After years of training, working with 100s of clients, and becoming an award-winning transformational change coach and hypnotherapist, I have developed my course, “Unstoppable You”, that teaches effective tools and strategies to help you break free from old patterns and enjoy success without the struggle!


Here’s the secret that took me 40 years to discover: the key to achieving transformational change is when we learn how to harness the power of our unconscious mind.

Have you ever tried to make changes by indulging in treats like spa weekends, dream holidays, and fancy meals, only to realise that nothing has changed, and you’re still stuck in the same cycle of exhaustion? It’s time to stop trying so hard to work on your self and start re-training your unconscious mind to work with you, not against you.

My 6-step transformational change course is designed to help you release negative emotions associated with your past and stop the process of looping around old beliefs and issues.

You’ll learn powerful tools and strategies that will change your mindset, and help you build resilience to stress while retraining your unconscious mind (what we sometimes refer to as our chimp, saboteur or inner child)

The 6 steps include:

1. Reveal Your Dreams: Let’s make them achievable and within your grasp.

2. Release Your Past: Let go of negative events and emotions that hold you back.

3. Re-write Your Story: Consciously create your best self using powerful evidence-based writing techniques.

4. Reprogram Your Unconscious: Resolve any remaining conflicts between you and your “saboteur.”

5. Reclaim Your Desires: Plan SMART goals in the direction of your dreams.

6. New Possibilities: Step into your new self with renewed self-awareness, feeling empowered and confident to create your best life.

In between our 6 weekly sessions, you’ll be given exercises designed to build self-esteem, and increase self-awareness and resilience, including listening to hypnotherapy downloads, journaling, and goal-setting.

STARTS Wednesday 15th MARCH, 1900 GMT – £297 p.p!

Whether you found me through a friend, my e-book, or stumbled upon my website, I’m glad you’re here, and I’m ready to help you achieve the transformational change you deserve.

Email or call +44 07957 556856

Only available live online with me and a small group of like-minded people, for a limited time before the E-course version becomes available later this year.

“The transformation was almost instant. I went in wanting to make positive changes and since then I have made so many!

 Jess has helped so many people and that is truly a gift.”

– Lisa