Freedom from Emotional Eating


Have you spent a lifetime on diets that don’t work?

Are you concerned about heart disease or diabetes?

Do you want to let go of weight and take control back?

You have probably tried every fad diet out there and have been yoyoing your entire adult life searching for that thing that will help you shed the pounds.

I know because I have been there myself. It wasn’t until I changed my mindset and understood my emotional relationship with food that I was able to let go of 3 stones/42 Ibs of excess weight.

This course isn’t about food, diets, meal plans, weighing or calorie counting. This is about changing your mindset and as you do it will change your life.

What you can expect

    • We will hush that critical self-talk
    • Quash those limiting beliefs
    • Interrupt those unhealthy eating patterns
    • Rebuild your confidence and self-esteem
    • Create a healthy relationship putting you back in control of food
    • We will use a combination of tried and tested techniques including NLP, EFT, CBT, Kinetic Shift and Guided Visualisations designed to rewire your mind and program new healthy habits.

    You can expect this journey to be fun, creative, and empowering.

    Over 400 clients have been through this program and have enjoyed a variety of successes; from adopted to new healthy habits and lifestyles to natural weight loss of up to 5 stones/84Ibs.

    It will be my privilege to help you.

  • 5 online group sessions over 10 weeks (10 max. per group)
  • Exercises and techniques to use at home
  • Guided visualisation recordings to listen to
  • Additional one to one sessions are available to support your personal journey

Your investment £499

To discover if this is right for you, book a free 20-minute consultation with me. Call 07957 556856 or email


If you would rather have the opportunity to work with me on a one-to-one basis please contact me and we can discuss a course from 3 sessions to 12 months to suit your needs.


To register on the next course and receive your starter pack please email

£50 non-refundable deposit secures your place

“I have always had a good work ethic, but what I started to realise is that this behaviour was having a negative impact on all aspects of my life. Not only was I not getting all of the things done I needed to, but I also wasn’t spending time with my family and friends, wasn’t getting my exercise in and wasn’t eating properly. 

I wanted to do something about it, I took certain steps myself, but also wanted to try NLP because I knew that this is a behaviour that has effected me not only now, but also when I was at university and in other aspects of my life. 

I have always been sceptical about hypnotherapy, but will give anything a try once and knew I needed to make changes so that I could really enjoy running the business.

All I can say is that since the sessions with Jess back in April I have been like a different person – much happier, much healthier and most importantly have created a much better and healthier approach to my work. My clients are happy and I absolutely LOVE running my business. I can’t recommend Jess highly enough!”

– Hannah

NEW online course starts September

Freedom from Anxiety

Change your mindset and you will change your life