Sitting on the carpet in a crowded departure lounge, watching a sea of people rushing past me, with the question, “who will I help?” looping around my mind – and it suddenly came to me. SWANS!

Not the feathery kind, but people – like you and (the old) me. Looking calm and graceful on the surface, while paddling furiously beneath the surface. Overwhelmed, stressed, frantic– wanting to get somewhere and getting nowhere fast.

I hypnotise swans.

Well actually, it’s more about de-hypnotising a swan. Most people rush around in life in a kind of sleep. Operating from old beliefs, patterns, and programs that hold us back.

What I actually do, with the help of powerful techniques I have learned, is re-train our unconscious mind – we give that part of you new information like a “system upgrade” so you can start being the YOU you want to be – more of the time.

Less critical self-talk, less pressure to do more, packing less into each day based on some old story that ‘work is hard’, or ‘I have to do more to be good enough’.

Being more you;

– grounded in the present,

– grateful for who you are and what you do have now,

– open to receive,

– confident in taking action towards your dreams and calm in each moment.

When you are able to BE this way, and Doing is informed by this way of being then we can be calm swans and flow more gracefully through life’s ups and downs.

Change started with my first, and it would be my priviledge to help you make the change you desire so you can step into the best version of you.

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