Jess is an award winning Hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner based in Exeter and London.

How often do you say, “I am stressed!”? 

When we think about the power of words and the spells words cast, it might be interesting to consider that you have already been hypnotizing yourself into creating stress by taking the adjective and turning it into a noun (took me back to grammar lessons too!).

Stress is not something you are, or something you have. Stress is a way you are being and doing, that you have become programmed to do.  If it’s something you are doing then you can begin doing something else instead – something more helpful.

Stress is a habit.

As quickly as you learnt how to be stressed (no judgement here – we talk about its power soon) you can form new patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, because you weren’t born stressed, anxious or depressed. What you are experiencing is a pattern formed in your mind, which is cognitively embodied (you feel it physically). It has become a well-trodden pathway, so deeply embedded that it is outside of your conscious awareness.

So, the good news here is, thanks to FMRi scanners and other imaging equipment, neuroscientist have proven that we can teach old dogs new tricks using positive psychology tools such as NLP and Hypnotherapy.

And, if you think you cannot function without it, then channel it as a resource that will power you up, rather than hold you back; helping you achieve peak performance, confidence to fulfil goals and maintain healthy habits in your personal and professional life.


Let’s unruffle you for success!

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